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The Lutheran Education Association of Houston (LEAH Schools) is celebrating over 70 years of operating and championing Lutheran schools in the Houston area to expand Christ’s kingdom.

Through our schools we strive to develop scripture-fed, caring young men and women who are equipped to communicate the grace afforded us through Jesus Christ. Your gifts make it possible!

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We value being distinctively Christian communities of faith, demonstrating grace and love. We strive to provide innovation and best practices academically, so our graduates are equipped to succeed. We provide a place where students can grow in knowledge and faith. Students from all walks of life, and from all over the world, come to our schools and feel the love of a community working to succeed in academics and gaining the knowledge of a Savior, who is Jesus Christ.

LEAH Schools operates as one organization serving four different areas in the city of Houston and commits a combined total of $3Million in tuition assistance to offer excellence in academics  with meaningful ministry to families who want their children to grow in our communities. For over 70 years  LEAH Schools has championed a Lutheran high school near the 610 Loop, Lutheran High North, which currently serves families from our churches and the community-at-large. Seventy-five percent of Lutheran High North students receive some type of financial aid.

Your Impact

Ninety-eight percent of our graduates go to college, equipped to succeed academically, with a firm grounding of their faith. We have graduates who go into public ministry serving around the world. Other graduates go into the business world, creating their own companies, or serving as doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, and first responders, who serve their communities both in vocation and in their churches. Six of our graduates received appointments to military academies, and three of them are still in active duty, serving as officers.The president of one college wrote to thank us for developing one of their finest students. 

When I walk into Houston area Lutheran grade schools, I am greeted by former students (now teachers) who speak highly of their experiences at Lutheran North. Just the other day a pastor who graduated from Lutheran North recalled how much he loved the time spent at our school. One young man shared how his Lutheran High North friends would pick him up for church on Sundays. Now he works with a company building a seminary in Africa. In every walk of life, you can find our graduates serving their communities in different ways and impacting our world securing a bright future for the generations that follow.

On behalf of all those who have benefitted from this ministry through your generous contributions to our schools, we thank you! The ministry of LEAH Schools can only take place when men and women share the same vision of transforming lives through these schools.

It is because of your generous assistance that “Every day is a Great Day to be a Lion!”


Dana Gerard
Head of School

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Giving Levels

Legacy $10,000+
Leadership $5,000 - $9,999
Patron $2,500 - $4,999
Lion $1,000 - $2499
Friend of Lion $500 - $999
Blue & White Up to $499

Your gift is tax deductible as granted by law.
The Lutheran Education Association of Houston is a 501(c)(3) organization; our TIN is 74-6001258.