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Drama & Theater

Whether you are interested in being on stage or behind the scenes, we have plenty of opportunities for every student! No experience is necessary.

For all of our theater productions, students can take the lead and be front and center on stage, or be a member of the chorus.  We also have opportunities to serve on the tech and stage crews, for those who prefer being behind the curtain! We even have opportunities for students to write their own plays!   

Each year LHN presents two large productions:

1. Fall Comedy, with auditions in early September and performances in October

2. Spring Musical, with auditions in January and performances in April.

In addition, any student who has a passion for writing plays has the opportunity to write, produce, direct, and put on his/her very own play during the winter.  

For each production, we transform the gym into a theater, building our own stage, hanging lights, and running our own sound system. Our tech and stage crews are an integral part of this, where they learn skills such as how to design and build sets, run wire, use light and soundboards, and special effects to name a few.

Over 1200 grade school students and senior citizens attend at our two special matinee performances of the spring musical each year.

Fall Comedy
Incompetent Jurors
Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 pm and Sunday, October 20 at 3:00 pm
Admission price for adults is $10.00. All children and students attend FREE. Reserve seats now via email to or just come to the show. We’ll have plenty of great seats (and tasty snacks) waiting for you!

When Donald Pleats is accused of stealing a bunch of cats, it’s a very simple, open and shut case, even for a jury filled with oddballs like a dim-witted but slick PR guy (Ethan Elliott), a bickering but loving Italian couple (Madison Lehr and William Killinger), and a weird girl obsessed with French fries (Skylar Armstrong). Every bit of evidence points to Donald Pleats being guilty, guilty, guilty. And yet, Juror #8, a wannabe lawyer (Christian White), believes that the Cat Burglar (Cat Napper?) is innocent, or the case at least deserves reasonable doubt.


Will Juror #8 be able to sway the other jury members? Or will they side with Juror #3 (Mikayla Howard), the only sane person in the room? The Foreman (Aislinn Bohot) uses her Cockney accent to lighten things up. Juror #2 (Anastasia Heckner) overcomes severe anxiety attacks and speaks up, #4 (Emyrsen Elery) chimes in occasionally, when not busy texting on her phone, #7 (Estelle Shearon) pursues one love interest after another, #10 (Gabe Soliz) nearly bursts a blood vessel when the group can’t agree on the room temperature, and #12 (Gabrien Deutsch), an emigrant from somewhere in Eastern Europe, tosses in unique comments throughout the debate.


Add a wise and stern young Judge (Sophia Rodriquez), and a hard-working and dedicated Tech Crew led by Elizabeth Chia (Christian Birdsong, Jacob Estrada, Patrick McBride, Andrew Nguyen, Avery Nilsen, Daniel Song, and Aiden Sullivan), and you have a recipe for a hilarious parody of “12 Angry Men,” the 1957 film starring Henry Fonda and Lee J. Cobb.