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Penny Jones » Bio


I knew I always wanted to teach!  My mom taught school for 30 plus years and I knew I wanted to be the loving and caring teacher that she was to her students. 


After graduation, my teaching job was at First Baptist Academy in Houston, Texas.  I loved my time at my first job, but felt that there was something more in store for me.  I applied for a job at Pershing Middle School in Houston Texas and have been teaching here for the last 17 years.


I started teaching 6th, 7th & 8th grade ELL history my first year at Pershing.  Three preps my first year in public school was difficult for me as I pride myself on being organized and creating engaging and relevant lessons.  The language barrier was also difficult to navigate. In addition, and most importantly, I was teaching a whole set of different cultures, I was not sure how to reach.  It was tough, I felt as if I were drowning and I almost quit mid-year.


Now in my 17th year here I am so very thankful for everyone who helped me realize that I can and do make a difference. I had a lot of help getting to where I am now. 


What almost made me quit my first year at Pershing is what now motivates me to stay and work hard.  I love my students and my school! What I love most about my school is that I TEACH EVERYBODY!  Teaching to all socio-economic levels and all cultures makes me a better teacher and a better person.    As I get older and as my own children are grown, I need to stay relevant, in touch and work hard to establish relationships with each new group of kids I get to teach.  I will know it’s time to retire when I no longer feel the need to work hard to get to know my students.  Then…  I guess if you need to find me, and it’s till around, I can be found greeting you as you walk in to Barnes & Nobel.