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New Students

Welcome to LHN!

If you are starting at the beginning of the year, you will be picking up your MacBook before the first day of school. More information about this will be sent to you over the summer.
If you are joining us in the middle of the school year, we will assign a MacBook to you as close to your first day of school as possible.

Before your First Day:

You will be asked to fill out this form before you receive your laptop. This form gives us information about you and contains important policies and information for you to read regarding the MacBook and the use of technology at LHN. Feel free to fill this out before your first day to save time. Both parents and student must sign the form. Most easily completed on a tablet where you can sign on the surface.
You will need to purchase a bag for your laptop. Details on the type of bag you need are here

Important things to remember:

If your MacBook malfunctions or breaks, you must report it to Mrs. Russell right away. DO NOT take the computer to a repair facility or the Apple Store. Do not replace the computer or any of it’s components. We carry insurance on each computer which is voided if the computer is repaired or replaced by anyone other than  us or our designated facility. Our insurance deductible is very reasonable, likely cheaper than a repair facility, and will cover both accidental damage and malfunctions. 
YOU are in charge of keeping an up-to-date backup of the files on your computer. If you need help with this, you can consult or help documents or send an email to Mrs. Russell.
You will need to charge your computer every night. There are no chargers available for loaning out and teachers will expect that you have a fully-functional computer in class every day.
Laptop Bag:
You must carry your computer in a bag that meets these specifications. You must place your computer in this bag when carrying it at all times (even from one classroom to another).
Appropriate use:
The computer's main purpose is for your educational use at LHN. We may set guidelines and/or restrictions throughout the year to make sure it is being used appropriately. You must follow these guidelines and not attempt to bypass them in any way.
LHN accounts:
You will be given an email account and possibly other accounts to use at LHN. These accounts are only for use while you are an LHN student and for a short period of time after graduation. Keep this in mind when using LHN accounts and only use them for school-related purposes since you will not have access to them after high school. 
Returning your MacBook:
The laptop is the property of LHN and must be returned in good condition (with chargers) after graduation or withdrawal. You may also be required to turn it in over the summer months (TBA).