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Blended Online Student

With the Blended option, students take a maximum of four on-campus classes and a minimum of three online classes during the school year. New applicants who wish to apply for the Blended Online Program must go through the regular campus admissions process as well as submit the form below. Current students who wish to transfer to the Blended Online Program do not need to reapply in RenWeb but must fill out the form below and submit to the admissions office for approval.
Please return the application document to Mrs. Blythe Barreto, Registrar. 
Blended Student Requirements:
  • A 2.0 unweighted GPA (on-campus and online), both cumulative and in the semester before becoming Blended 
  • Registrar Approval
Tuition Comparisons (Based on Annual Plan)
Blended Tuition 2018-2019: Compared to Full-Time Tuition 2019-2020:
$12,500 (includes laptop) $16,450 (includes technology and academic fees)