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Mission and Values


Excellence in Academics

  • The academic expectations of Lutheran High North can be seen in its college preparatory curriculum. LHN’s student body comes from a broad range of academic backgrounds. Students are challenged in their studies and expected to work toward performance at a high level.

Excellence in Academics at LHN is defined by a faculty who:

  • Demand excellence in work submitted
  • Are creative with their approach to learning
  • Make learning relevant
  • Create a learning atmosphere
  • Are life-long learners in their field of expertise
  • Care for the whole child 

Meaningful Ministry

Meaningful Ministry at LHN is defined first by the purposeful use of God’s word daily and across the curriculum. Meaningful Ministry is seen in the caring relationships and atmosphere that exist on campus. Those relationships are possible because Christ first loved us, and our response is to love one another.

Ministry among teenagers can only be meaningful when it is relevant to their lives. In theology classes and chapel, through servant events and within all other classes and activities, the Christian faith comes alive when students encounter the love of Jesus Christ. The Lutheran High North community responds to this love by supporting and being directly involved in Christian service to all. 


  • Excellence
    If you spend any time at Lutheran High North, you will be challenged to "raise the bar". What this means for us is what was considered as acceptable yesterday is no longer acceptable. Reaching for the top- going for the gold- achieving beyond your best...all of these phrases are what drives the students and staff at LHN. We believe that in all we do, we give honor and glory to God, therefore we always work to achieve excellence.

  • Hard Work
    Excellence takes time- and hard work. Spending whatever time is necessary to produce quality work is the standard at LHN. "Good enough" is not an acceptable response among our students and staff. We are willing to give people the time they need to produce quality work and provide the resources necessary to support these efforts.

  • The Power of Prayer
    Jesus said to his disciples "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." We believe these words and take to heart the promise of answered prayer. Prayer surrounds all of the activities that take place at LHN and directs the flow of our days and weeks.

  • Pride in What We Do
    There is a reason LHN uses the lion as its mascot. "Lions Pride" is more than just a nice phrase- it is a way of life for LHN students, families and alumni. Because what we do is excellent, we take great pride in our accomplishments and recognition. This is not a pride that focuses only on the self, but a corporate pride that always remembers to first give praise to God for the gifts he gives to our people.

  • Using Our God-Given Gifts
    We believe that God provides our school with the necessary gifts and talents to "raise the bar" and produce excellence. As these gifts are discovered, people are asked to share them in a way that strengthens and upholds this institution. Each person related to LHN is important to the mission and vision of this place.

  • Partnerships
    One of the strengths of LHN is the multiple partnerships it has formed over the years. The idea of partnerships begins first with out school families, where parents are involved in preparing their child for the next level. This partnership goes beyond the home and into the churches of our students. We believe that the home-school-church partnership provides the greatest opportunity for the students to be prepared for the next level. A final layer of this partnership is with the businesses and homes and homes of the surrounding community. There is a strong and positive relationship between LHN and it's many partners.